On the occasion of World Animal Day we launched the 'Give a Paw' action because everyone deserves the love of a pet. For every online paw that you gave us, we donated a portion of healthy pet food to non-profit organisations that help underprivileged owners take care of their pets.

A happy pet means a happy owner

Cat, dog, rabbit, bird or small mammal: every pet gives his owner unconditional love, friendship and affection. For owners in financial difficulties, the warmth they receive from their loyal friend is often a real boost that helps them through the day. Thanks to you, they do not have to go without food themselves to feed their pets. And their pets? On top of lots of love and friendship they get a bowl filled with delicious and healthy food.

Thank you!

You have helped us make 9294 pets happy with a tasty and healthy meal!

Help us even more by sharing the results of our campaign!

For the benefit of
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Stichting Dierenvoedselbank Utrecht
VZW Sociale Dierenhulp
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